Editorial Board

Die folgenden Personen sammeln und überprüfen interessante Veröffentlichungen, Videos, Webinare etc.  für und stellen sie der “Community” vor:


Prof. Dr. Billy Sperlich


Section Editor – Exercise Science and Training 


Prof. Dr. Jennifer L. Reed (University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Canada)

Section Editor – Gender Aspects in Nutrition, Performance and Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Sciences


Prof. Dr. Uwe Kersting (University of Aalborg, Denmark)

Section Editor – Biomechanics


Prof. Dr. Phil Bishop (Department of Kinesiology, University of Alabama, USA)

Section Editor – Thermoregulation


Dr. Karsten Köhler (University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA)

Section Editor – Nutrition


Prof. Dr. Matthias Kohl-Bareis (University of Applied Sciences Koblenz, Germany)

Section Editor – Tissue optics and opto-electronics


Dr. Jon Wehrlin (Swiss Federal Institute for Sports, Switzerland)

Section Editor – Altitude enviroment


Dr. Jana Strahler (Clinical Biopsychology, Department of Psychology, University of Marburg, Germany) 

Section Editor – Ambulatory Assessment of Physical Activity, Fatigue & Mood, Salivary Diagnostics 


Dr. Christoph Zinner 

Section Editor – Wearables, Periodization, Swimming, Handball, Supplementation


Dr. Florian Engel 

Section Editor – Pediatric Exercise Physiology, Clothing Physiology


Prof. Dr. Stephan Geisler (IST – University of Applied Sciences)

Section Editor – Strength training


Dr. Sabrina Skorski (Institute of Sports and Preventive Medicine, Saarland University, Germany) 

Section Editor – Pacing, Swimming


Dr. Sven Voss (Anti-Doping Lab Qatar, Doha, Qatar)

Section Editor – Biochemistry, Anti-Doping


Dr. Birgit Sperlich (Institute of Health Promotion and Clinical Movement Science, German Sports University Cologne)

Section Editor – Health Enhancing Physical Activity


AAP John Linville (Med. vet., MPH, CPH, University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Public Health, USA)

Quality Management


Peter Düking 

Media Management