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Fatigue explained by the „Central Governor Model“?!

In 1923, Nobel Laureate A.V. Hill proposed the theory, that physical performance is limited by anaerobiosis in the exercising skeletal muscles. Ever since, this theory has dominated the view on exercise performance. Timothy D. Noakes, Professor at the University of Cape Town, claims that Hill´s theory has one main error: It allows no place for the brain! Further, he states that Hill´s theory is not able to explain for example i) different pacing-strategies, ii) the end spurt, ii) interventions, that solely act on the brain and enhance performance. In this article, Prof. Noakes introduces another theory to explain fatigue: The Central Governor Model (CGM)! The main aspect: Performance is a behavior that is regulated by complex systems in anticipation to maintain homeostasis under all conditions! Read more about fatigue in this revolutionary article!

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