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Polarized or Threshold Training on Performance & Fatigue in Elite Junior Swimmers

Polarized or Threshold Training on Performance and Fatigue in Elite Swimmers

Aim: This study  by  Pla et al. aimed to assess the effect of a polarized training intensity distribution on performance and fatigue in 12 male and 10 female junior elite swimmers.

Method: In a cross-over design (2×6-wks) swimmers performed polarized (81% in zone 1, ≤ 2 mmol·L−1 blood lactate,  4% in zone 2 (>2 and <4 mmol·L−1 blood lactate; and 15% in zone 3 > 4 mmol·L−1) or threshold (65%/25%/10%). Before and after both interventions all  performed a 100-m maximal swimming test to determine performance, and oxygen consumption and an incremental swimming test. Well-being was assessed with a daily questionnaire.

Conclusion 💡👉 „…In elite junior swimmers, a 6-wk period of polarized training induced small improvements in 100-m time-trial performance and, in combination with less perceived fatigue, forms a viable option for coaches preparing such cohorts of swimmers for competition.“

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